Hi I m a british born musician and I m also a chef I m 27 and just got back in the country, I m looking for a peaceful place to call home.
i ve lived in florida my whole life and now wanting to explore out west. love hiking and traveling often. super easy going and a little OCD when it comes to living in a clean environment.
I'm a RN with great credit, rental history, etc, I'm looking to rent a room to save money to finish paying off my loans. I'm currently a graduate student as well. I travel quite a bit. I'm quiet, easy going, not a partier, and not into people who party.
I currently am a waitress at a fine dining restaurant. I completely support myself, I want to go into the singing industry and why I want to find a roommate in the city I think would be best.
23 looking for a place to stay as they remodel my house. Fully employed and full time student. Laid back. I just game and go out on my free time.
I'm looking to move to Los Angeles. I am excited and look forward to a friendly, spontaneous and fun roommate and atmosphere.
Hello! My name is Ashley J and I m a 30yo professional (Registered Dental Assistant) and I ll be relocating to the L.A. area for a job p I ve been in Dentistry 8.5 years, and although it s been great, I will be going back to school Part Time in the Fall while working FT. Anywho, bits about me: I m a military brat, only child, from Louisiana, but currently residing in Arkansas working at The Air...
I m moving to Redondo Beach to live with my aunt for a month so I can get myself situated, but after that, I ll be needing a roommate or two. I m an aspiring actor who loves baking, hiking, going on adventures, and hanging out with friends. I don t have a dog at the moment, but I hope to get one as soon as I m settled. I m the sleepiest person to ever exist. I usually go to bed around 9:30 and ...